Asia-Direct Imports - Outsourced Trade Document Preparation

Trade Technologies' outsourced services let Vendors and Suppliers get paid 10 to 60 days sooner.

Asian-sourced Vendors and Suppliers that sell to North American and European retailers under the direct-import model face a complicated and expensive document preparation and distribution process in order to collect payment. Trade Technologies delivers unmatched third-party international trade document processing for companies sourcing goods in Asia.


We combine cutting-edge technology, local in-country trade documentation experts and best-in-class processes to streamline the creation and delivery of letter of credit and open account documentation. By outsourcing their Asia-direct import document processing to Trade Technologies, our customers are consistently paid faster and more reliably with lower overhead costs. 


Trade Technologies' outsourced services feature:

  • Cutting-edge technology

  • In-country trade documentation experts

  • US-based support team to bridge time zones

  • Best-in-class processes including familiarity with each retailer's document and timing requirements

  • Organizational excellence and stellar customer service.


These exclusive features provide specific and measurable benefits to your company:

  • Faster and more reliable payment

  • Lower overhead costs

  • Reduced courier fees

  • Fewer errors and less hassle





























Services Summary:

Completing direct-import letter of credit and open account documentation accurately and in a timely manner requires a skill-set that can only be learned through experience. Put Trade Technologies' experts to work for you and accelerate your direct-import receivables now.

  • Review your letter of credit terms for consistency and provide expert feedback regarding key terms.

    • Trade Technologies' team is familiar with the errors and inconsistencies that often appear in direct-import letters of credit and open account documents.

    • Trade Technologies understands the unique information that each retailer requires on their documents.

  • Prepare all internal documents including invoices, packing lists, beneficiary certificates and drafts.

    • Our staff leverages Trade Technologies' proprietary technology platform to automatically create your documents from the original direct-import letter of credit or purchase order, eliminating typing errors.

  • Coordinate all required third-party documents such as transport documents, insurance certificates and inspection certificates.

    • Our in-country experts ensure that FCRs, SDRs and other required third party documents are delivered on time and comply with the terms of the letter of credit.

    • We work with these groups every day and are intimately familiar with their processes and requirements.

  • Present documents to the negotiating bank online.

    • Trade Technologies is the only company that can present original documents online to major trade banks for direct-import transactions.

    • This process accelerates payment and eliminates courier costs and delays.

  • Follow-up with the negotiating bank to ensure prompt payment collection.

    • We utilize our relationships with examination banks and our knowledge of the UCP600 and standard banking practices to accelerate payment.

    • Our trade experts perform regular status checks on documents presented for examination to ensure timely collection of funds.

  • Recommend process improvements to better manage international direct-import transactions and working capital.

    • We employ our deep domain experience to assist exporters in structuring, confirming and discounting of international letter of credit receivables.

    • Accurate documents eliminate discrepancy fees, payment delays and demurrage potential.



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