UCP 600

Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits 

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2007 Revision

Implementation Date July 1,2007

ICC Publication No. 600LF


Article 1: Application of UCP

Article 2: Definitions

Article 3: Interpretations

Article 4: Credits v. Contracts

Article 5: Documents v. Goods, Services or Performance

Article 6: Availability, Expiry Date and Place for Presentation

Article 7: Issuing Bank Undertaking

Article 8: Confirming Bank Undertaking

Article 9: Advising of Credits and Amendments

Article 10: Amendments

Article 11: Teletransmitted and Pre-Advised Credits and Amendments

Article 12: Nomination

Article 13: Bank-to-Bank Reimbursement Arrangements

Article 14: Standard for Examination of Documents

Article 15: Complying Presentation

Article 16: Discrepant Documents, Waiver, and Notice

Article 17: Original Documents and Copies 

Article 18: Commercial Invoice

Article 19: Transport Document Covering at Least Two Different Modes of Transport

Article 20: Bill of Lading

Article 21: Non-Negotiable Sea Waybill

Article 22: Charter Party Bill of Lading

Article 23: Air Transport Document

Article 24: Road, Rail or Inland Waterway Transport Documents

Article 25: Courier Receipt, Post Receipt, or Certificate of Posting

Article 26: "On Deck", "Shipper's Load and Count", " Said by Shipper to Contain" and Charges Additional                     to Freight

Article 27: Clean Transport Document 

Article 28: Insurance Document and Coverage

Article 29: Extension of Expiry Date or Last Day for Presentation

Article 30: Tolerance in Credit Amount, Quantity and Unit Prices

Article 31: Partial Drawings or Shipments

Article 32: Installment Drawings or Shipments

Article 33: Hours of Presentation

Article 34: Disclaimer on Effectiveness of Documents

Article 35: Disclaimer on Transmission and Translation

Article 36: Force Majeure 

Article 37: Disclaimer for Acts of an Instructed Party 

Article 38: Transferable Credits

Article 39: Assignment of Proceeds


Supplement for Electronic Presentation

Article e1: Scope of the eUCP

Article e2: Relationship of the eUCP to the UCP

Article e3: Definitions

Article e4: Format

Article e5: Presentation

Article e6: Examination

Article e7: Notice of Refusal

Article e8: Originals and Copies

Article e9: Date of Issuance

Article e10: Transport

Article e11: Corruption of an Electronic Record after Presentation

Article e12: Additional Disclaimer of Liability for Presentation of Electronic Records under eUCP


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