Examples of Syria Boycott-Related Requests

Following are recent examples of boycott requests that have been reported to the Office of Antiboycott Compliance (OAC). These examples are illustrative and not exhaustive. Companies should call the OAC advice line (202) 482-2381 with questions concerning these or any request to comply with restrictive trade practices or boycotts.

Prohibited Boycott Condition (requests for information) in a Trademark Application Form

Do you or any of your subsidiaries now or ever had a branch of main company factory or assembly plant in Israel? .... do you have or any of your subsidiaries now or ever had general agencies or offices in Israel for your middle eastern or international operations? .... what companies are you shareholders in their capital? State the name of each company and the percentage of share to their total capital---and the nationality of each one? ...


Prohibited Condition in a Tender

Offeror must not be included by the provisions of Arab Boycott of Israel.


Prohibited Condition in a Tender

Declaration showing that the bidder doesn’t own any factory, establishment, or a branch office in Israel, neither he is a partner in any establishment or organization, nor a party in any contract for manufacturing, assembling, licensing or technical assistance with any organization or establishment in Israel and he should not practice such activity in Israel whether personally or through any mediator. He should not participate in any way in supporting Israel or its military efforts.


Prohibited Condition in a Purchase Order

A declaration that the goods contracted upon have no Israeli origin and that no Israeli raw materials is used in its producing manufacturing or preparing of the goods.



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