TradeSharp Platform

Cloud-Based Tools for End-to-End Trade Document Automation, Compliance and Electronic Delivery

International companies struggle to quickly and efficiently create, collect and deliver accurate trade documents for payment. This results in increased costs, delays and risk for the many parties involved in every international trade transaction.  While everyone agrees that automation and digitization are the answer to this problem, there are a limited number of solutions that combine the requisite expertise, experience and technology to truly automate and digitize trade for today’s transactions.

Since 2003, Trade Technologies has provided business automation software and trade document services to exporters and importers in almost every industry and market.  These products and services are powered by innovative and flexible technology to improve efficiency and eliminate errors and delays resulting in lower risk, lower costs and predictably faster payment. To date we have successfully completed over 250,000 international transactions with a value of over $80 billion for thousands of customers globally.  

Our latest release of the industry-leading TradeSharp software draws on this experience to streamline, centralize and automate the process of creating and delivering digital and paper trade documents for imports and exports.  TradeSharp is a cloud-based document creation and delivery application providing connectivity, visibility and workflow across the trade document chain from suppliers to exporters, banks and importers and including logistics and other trade service providers.

The patented TradeSharp cloud platform securely connects importers and exporters with their suppliers, logistics providers, buyers, banks and other trade participants on a common platform to automate and digitize document creation, delivery and approval.  TradeSharp resides on a secure, cloud-based architecture providing global 24/7 visibility and fostering collaboration across distributed businesses.

Implementing TradeSharp improves, automates and centralizes your company’s process, compliance, efficiency and working capital with lower overall costs and risk.






























TradeSharp Features:


Common Platform for Automated Document and Data Exchange with All Parties

  • Deliver PO data and receive documents and data from suppliers;

  • Deliver instructions and receive compliant documents from insurers, logistics providers and other trade participants;

  • Instantly deliver original documents to buyers and banks for payment; and

  • Supports open account, letter of credit and other payment types.


Customized Workflow, Data Management Documents and Reports

  • Intelligent software automates creation of compliant documents and workflow based on transaction details (product, countries, buyer) and type;

  • Structured workflows optimize results across distributed internal teams, suppliers, buyers and third parties;

  • Alerts and messaging identify upcoming issues, dates and events; and

  • Robust user-defined reporting tools for all transaction data and metrics.


Digital Trade Documentation

  • Secure electronic document creation and exchange enables negotiable documents to be transmitted to the buyer or banks as "originals" securely and without courier fees and delivery time;

  • Online, real-time errors and discrepancy resolution streamlines the flow of information among exporters, importers, banks and logistics providers; and

  • Accessible 24/7 digital transaction archive eliminates need for paper file storage and expense.


Multiple Flexible Data Import Methods

  • Fully automated host-to-host data exchange;

  • Automated upload and mapping of data from Excel and CSV data files; and

  • Cut and paste / manual entry as required.


Flexible Cloud Implementations

  • 24/7 real-time visibility and access to transaction status, exposures, performance and all other aspects of documentation and receivables management; and

  • Customized private, branded cloud installations or on-demand shared cloud functionality.


Professional Trade Documents Services

  • Best practices consulting services provide road map for process improvement and automation;

  • On-demand trade document outsourcing services supplement existing teams to manage seasonal and / or other peak needs as necessary while maintaining complete control and visibility;

  • Trade finance and export training, webinars and seminars; and

  • Legalization, Cargo Insurance, Certificates of Origin.


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