Are your documents being held up in foreign embassies or consulates?

Exporters selling to Africa, the Middle East and Latin America frequently find that certain documents must be certified and legalized by the importer’s local embassy or consulate, a process that is expensive and can significantly delay payment if not handled properly.


Trade Technologies is one of the largest specialized legalization service providers in the world. Our web-based document management platform and global team of trade document experts enable us to deliver documents quickly to the relevant embassy or consulate. Daily pickups ensure documents are retrieved and presented promptly.


Legalization Benefits

  • Accelerates turn-around time.

  • Eliminates overnight courier fees through online delivery of documents to be legalized.

  • Tracks document status with embassy or consulate and eliminates bottlenecks.

  • Retrieves documents daily.

  • Avoids misdirected documents that can delay payment because the embassy / consulate process is unfamiliar to the document preparer.

  • Avoids data entry errors that can create several days' worth of delays.

  • Minimizes transaction fees due to additional visibility afforded by the web-based platform's reports, alerts and completed document archive.


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