Asia-Direct Imports - Retailers

Trade Technologies can streamline and automate the process for receiving documents from your Vendors / Suppliers.

There are significant redundancies and blind spots throughout the document aggregation and delivery process that delay payment, increase transaction fees and result in higher costs. 


Trade Technologies has a front row seat to the inefficiencies in document processing in Asia. The existing process requires multiple document sets, couriers and data input requirements. This entire process conspires to increase costs, errors and delays. Trade Technologies' web-based platform empowers retailers, banks, consolidators and Vendors / Suppliers through a single data and document management platform significantly streamlining the process and reducing errors. 


Highlights of Trade Technologies' Solution Include:

  • Direct delivery of PO information from Retailers / Banks into Vendors / Suppliers accounts in Trade Technologies' Platform assuring immediate receipt and acceptance.

  • Utilization of Trade Technologies' TradeSharp Platform for creation of required payment documentation and Retailer's consolidators confirmation of the requirements necessary to issue the FCR via our web interface.

  • Required changes or approvals can be communicated from consolidator to Vendors / Suppliers on Trade Technologies' Platform, eliminating the crush of paper documents being couriered back and forth across Asia and dramatically accelerating and improving the process of creating FCRs.

  • Once documents are approved, original FCRs are issued on Trade Technologies' system, signed and released in digital form to Vendors / Suppliers. Digital bills of lading, air waybills and FCRs are created daily by Trade Technologies and its forwarder customers.

  • Similarly, Retailer procurement groups have access to Trade Technologies' Platform to review document sets and original FCRs. This process is managed entirely on Trade Technologies' website, eliminating paper, couriers and delays.

  • Finally, completed document sets including original FCRs and SDRs can be presented for payment online to major trade banks or directly to Retailers for review and approval or rejection. This process is already in use by most major trade banks in the world.


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