Examples of Qatar Boycott-Related Requests

Following are recent examples of boycott requests that have been reported to the Office of Antiboycott Compliance (OAC). These examples are illustrative and not exhaustive. Companies should call the OAC advice line (202) 482-2381 with questions concerning these or any request to comply with restrictive trade practices or boycotts.

Prohibited Boycott Condition in a Contract

The (tenders) committee may also exclude any bid that does not abide by the provisions of the commercial and economic laws and the provisions of the law of boycott of Israel applicable in the state.


[A certificate required stating] that the items have not been manufactured in Israel and that any of the components thereof have not been manufactured in Israel.


Prohibited Condition in a Contract

Certificate issued by the manufacturer or exporter stating that the goods are not of Israeli origin, have not been exported from Israel, and do not contain any Israeli materials.


Prohibited Boycott Condition in a Purchase Order

Goods/equipment subject to Israeli Boycott terms, must not be quoted.


Prohibited Boycott Condition in a Letter of Credit

Under no circumstances may a bank listed in the Arab Israeli Boycott Black List be permitted to negotiate this Documentary Credit.


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