Web-Based Trade Document Software

Need a web-based solution for the creation and delivery of international trade documents? We have the perfect solution.

Trade Technologies' document management software streamlines the process for creating, aggregating and delivering trade documents resulting in accelerated payment collection of open account, letter of credit and collection transactions.


Our web-based software combines the flexibility of working with Microsoft Word and Excel with the efficiency of a database-driven invoicing system that minimizes preparation time, discrepancies and delivery time while enabling powerful, real-time reports. The software resides on a secure, Internet-based architecture providing global visibility and fostering collaboration across distributed businesses.


Web-based Software Benefits:


  • Automated data capture from Letters of Credit and ERP Systems to ensure data is mapped accurately and instantaneously to the required documents and minimizing manual data entry.

  • Customized document templates designed to meet each client's exact needs and minimize process change friction.

  • Editable document templates creating a Microsoft Word / Excel experience while maintaining a database to populate reports and alerts.

  • Existing template library consists of all required third-party document forms, including:

    • Certificates of Origin

    • Insurance Certificates

    • Inspection Certificates

    • House Bills of Lading

    • Government Inspection Forms

    • Etc.

  • Transaction status alerts monitor key events such as latest shipment and expiration dates.

  • Secure electronic document exchange enables negotiable documents to be transmitted to the recipient buyer or bank as "originals" securely and without wasted courier cost and delivery time.

  • Online, real-time discrepancy resolution streamlines the flow of information from buyer / bank back to seller.

  • Document upload and archive feature enables clients to associate any additional documents or other information with a transaction in any file type.

  • Document audit features assist in monitoring transaction for trade regulatory compliance and financial compliance related to Sarbanes Oxley.

  • Reports detailing key performance metrics such as dates and transaction expenses help evaluate the performance  of third-parties such as forwarders, carriers, banks, etc.

  • On-Demand outsourcing services enable clients to outsource preparation of trade documents to Trade Technologies personnel, while maintaining complete transaction visibility during periods of peak volume.


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