Freight Forwarders

Need a platform for simplifying trade document management and accelerating payment? Trade Technologies has the perfect solution encompassing cutting-edge tools for unparalleled control and visibility of your financial supply chain.

Freight Forwarders are typically occupied with arranging all the day-to-day tasks required for moving freight such as pickups, booking shipments, AES filings, preparing shipping manifests, and so forth, leaving little remaining time available to accurately complete the document preparation requirements of letters of credit and sight draft transactions. The risk of error can be high, resources are constrained and time is always short. Using Trade Technologies' award-winning outsourced services is the most proficient and cost effective solution to this problem. Let Trade Technologies show you how using our services can absorb the tedious trade document preparation process while increasing your profit margin.


Trade Technologies is one of the largest trade document preparation companies in the world with offices across the United States, in Europe and Asia. Our experienced trade document professionals have exporter, forwarder and trade-banking backgrounds enabling us to manage all aspects of the document banking process. Our web-based software platform provides forwarders and their customers with unprecedented visibility and access to the documents and payment process.


We are the global leader in trade payment document solutions with over 1,500 exporters using our services to process over $10 billion of transactions annually.


Outsourced Document Preparation
We have trade payment professionals on three continents working to simplify and accelerate payments for over 1,500 exporters. Not only will your customer be paid faster, but we will reduce costs, eliminate errors and provide you and your customers with complete visibility and control of your international receivables.


Legalization and Certificates of Origin
We can quickly and effectively obtain the required legalization and certificates of origin for your international transactions. For the US and UK, we can completely automate the process for creating and printing certificates of origin.


Cargo Insurance

We can quickly and reliably provide domestic and international cargo insurance underwritten by major carriers. Rates are competitive and easy to arrange through any of our global offices.


Training and Consulting
Trade Technologies provides comprehensive training and consulting services to in-house international receivables and sales departments. Whether you are new to trade documentation or just need an update, we can provide the insights and information necessary to meet your trade payment needs.


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