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Florida Export Finance Corporation

A major hurdle for many businesses seeking to take advantage of the opportunities offered by expanding foreign markets is access to affordable working capital. The State of Florida, working in partnership with the federal government and the State's banking community has lowered this hurdle for small and medium-sized businesses. FLORIDA EXPORT FINANCE CORPORATION Access to direct loans up to $50,000 or loan guarantees of up to $500,000 is available to Florida's small and medium-sized businesses through the Florida Export Finance Corporation (FEFC). The FEFC was created by the State in 1993 as a not for profit corporation with a mandate to expand employment and income opportunities to Florida residents by increased exports of goods and services resulting from assistance given by the FEFC to Florida companies. Information, technical, and consulting assistance is offered. However, financial assistance is the primary service offered by the FEFC. Guarantees are transaction specific but normally issued as a revolving line of credit. This program, operating in partnership with Florida's banking community, is designed to assist the State's smaller exporters by giving them improved access to affordable working capital. 


To learn more, please visit: www.fefc.dos.myflorida.com

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