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Export Trade Document Preparation Services

Letters of Credit and Documentary Collections can dramatically accelerate payment receipt and minimize payment risk for international transactions but only if the underlying documents are prepared quickly and accurately.




Cloud-Based Tools for End-to-End Trade Document Automation, Compliance and Electronic Delivery


International companies struggle to quickly and efficiently create, collect and deliver accurate trade documents for payment. This results in increased costs, delays and risk for the many parties involved in every international trade transaction. While everyone agrees that automation and digitization are the answer to this problem, there are a limited number of solutions that combine the requisite expertise, experience and technology to truly automate and digitize trade for today's transactions.



Document Preparation for Direct Imports

Trade Technologies' Customers get paid 10-60 days sooner!


Suppliers that source goods in Asia for sale to North American and European retailers under the direct-import model face a complicated and expensive document preparation and distribution process in order to collect payment. Trade Technologies delivers unmatched third-party international trade document processing for these suppliers.

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