Webinar: Export Documents

August 22, 2018
8:00AM EDT | 1:00PM GMT
Cost: $40.00

Documentation is a tedious but necessary process that all exporters must pay close attention to, as documentation requirements vary considerably by country, commodity and situation. Although exporters must fill out and submit many different forms for each international shipment, most require similar data elements and can (and should!) be duplicated precisely from one document to the next.

Certain documents need to be prepared correctly in order to get your goods delivered to your customer. This webinar identifies the documents, describes how to complete them and identifies the essential data elements that must be uniform on all documents.

There are seven (7) broad categories of documentation you will encounter when exporting. These are: 

​1. Documents involving the importer
2. Documents required to export goods
3. Documents required for transportation
4. Documents required for payment
5. Insurance Documents
6. Documents required under a letter of credit
7. The relationship between documents and Incoterms

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