Webinar:  Compliance Responsibilities

September 25, 2018
2:00PM EDT 
Cost: $40.00

This webinar will introduce exporters to the important role of "Know Your Customer (KYC)" in all international trade transactions.

Topics that will be addressed during the webinar:

  • Review of Export Related Risks

    • The Need to Know

    • What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

    • Why Due Diligence is Important

  • The Major Export compliance Issues

    • Know Your Customer

    • Nefarious Activities

  • How to Conduct Due Diligence

    • Where Do You Start?

    • What Questions to Ask

  • What Information is Important

  • Key Investigative Resources

    • Private Sources

    • Government Sources

  • Role of International Credit Reporting

  • Role of US Government Agencies

  • Things you can and should do Yourself


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