Company Overview

Unmatched technology, depth of knowledge and global reach

Trade Technologies provides Internet-based software solutions and document preparation services that streamline international trade payment processes and documentation for global exporters, freight forwarders and global trade banks. Our solutions leverage the Internet to drive workflow and process efficiencies throughout the global payment chain. The end result is an immediate and significant improvement in profitability through accelerated receivables collection, lower transaction costs and enhanced transaction reporting.


In 1999, Trade Technologies was founded by exporters and trade finance specialists who identified a compelling market need for an efficient and cost-effective digital solution to prepare and deliver cross-border transaction documents and accelerate payment. Unlike other companies that sought to “revolutionize” international trade, Trade Technologies understood that exporters were looking for a cost-effective technology that allowed them to continue using their existing transaction forms, legal precedents and third-party providers. With this purpose in mind, Trade Technologies provides innovative and practical solutions that allow companies to better prepare, organize, deliver and track the flow of mistake-free trade documentation throughout a digital payment chain.


We are the global leader in trade payment document solutions with over 1,500 exporter customers using our services to process over $10 billion in transactions annually. Our customers are routinely paid 10 to 60 days sooner after implementation of our solutions.


Trade Technologies’ mission is to dramatically improve exporters’ profitability and efficiency by enabling a transition over time to a completely paperless and collaborative international receivables collections process.


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