Clients & Partners


Trade Technologies delivers solutions for a wide range of businesses involved in international trade. For small and large companies who deal with trade documentation, especially letters of credit, we can improve cash flow, speed payment and streamline processing.


We are the global leader in trade payment document solutions with over 1,500 exporter customers using our services to process over $10 billion in transactions annually. Our customers are routinely paid 10 to 60 days sooner after implementation of our solutions.


US, Asia, and EMEA Exporters

Trade Technologies has over 1,500 exporter customers for its outsourced document services and software platform.  Outsourced services customers range from global Fortune 500 customers to small exporters that only ship a few times a year.  Software customers are primarily large commodities trading companies in the grain, forest products, metals or other agricultural industries. 


Asia Suppliers & Vendors 

Trade Technologies has over 50 vendor/supplier customers that source goods in Asia and sell primarily under the Direct Import model to US, Canadian, Mexican and European retailers.  Many of these customers are household names.


Global Trade Banks 

Trade Technologies presents original UCP 600 compliant letter of credit and open account documentation online to the majority of the world’s leading trade banks.


Global Freight Forwarders

Trade Technologies provides software and services to over 200 global forwarding customers.

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