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Case Study: Forest Products Exporters Use Trade Technologies’ Software to Automate and Streamline Trade Documentation


Executive Summary:

Trade Technologies provides web-based trade documentation software to multiple Forest Products Exporters located in the United States and Canada. These companies are major producers and exporters of lumber, plywood, pulp and paper. Prior to 2010, most of Forest Products Exporters’ products, other than pulp and paper, were sold to the United States construction industry, with exports to Asia and the rest of the world representing a relatively small percentage of their business.

However, following the housing crisis in the United States, sales to the US declined while exports to Asia grew dramatically. To manage payment risk, the Forest Products Exporters sold to Asia under letter of credit terms rather than open account. The increase in documentation and accuracy required for letter of credit (LC) transactions put significant pressure on Forest Products Exporters’ systems, processes and personnel. To resolve these issues and enable further export growth, Forest Products Exporters implemented Trade Technologies’ web-based software system (the “Trade Platform”) for LC and other complex trade documentation.

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