Asia-Direct Imports

Automate and accelerate the creation and delivery of documents for consolidated shipments from Asia.

The concentration of manufacturing products in China, that are for export to large retailers in the US and Europe, has contributed to the rise of the Direct Import purchasing model. Direct Imports reduce inventory carrying costs for suppliers / vendors and give retailers increased visibility and control of their supply chain. Retailers and suppliers realize that lower shipping and freight costs can be achieved by consolidating shipments.


Unfortunately, the process is often entirely manual, paper-based and courier driven with multiple data silos and no central document repository or management system. Further, even accurate documents must be couriered to major trade banks around the world. As such, there are a variety of things that can go wrong -- all of which conspire to increase costs and delays.


Trade Technologies' solutions automate and simplify the process of creating and delivering payment documents within the Direct Import model. Implementation of our software and use of our services significantly decreases errors, reduces documentation costs, eliminates courier costs and increases visibility and control for all parties. The benefits of our services are the driving efficiencies throughout the Direct Import payment chain.


Our TradeSharp platform can be extended from suppliers and banks, to include consolidators and procurement groups to provide one single web-based platform for all parties to receive, review, create and deliver all the required documents. This eliminates multiple data and document storage silos, reduces unnecessary paper and drives incredible efficiencies.


Importers / Retailers

Trade Technologies' Direct Imports solution provides a single web-enabled location for suppliers, consolidators, procurement groups and global trade banks to access and manage payment documentation. All parties can use the TradeSharp platform to create and deliver their own documents as well as reviewing  documents presented by other parties. The result is lower documentation costs, less exception management, total visibility and control and instant global access to payment information and documents. If you are a retailer receiving inaccurate and late documentation and data from your vendors in Asia, we can automate and streamline the process for receiving payment documents and data from your vendors.


Exporters / Vendors

Implementation of Trade Technologies' outsourced services for suppliers / vendors immediately streamlines the document creation and presentation process reducing personnel costs, errors, fees and delays. As a result suppliers / vendors are paid faster and more reliably. Especially if you are a North-American-bases vendor originating goods and documents in Asia, we can streamline, automate and accelerate the process of creating and presenting documents for payment.


Our customers are routinely paid 10 to 60 days sooner with lower costs after implementing our services!


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